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( trepanated )


                       ❝ so what exactly do you do, jace? ❞

❝Mostly seasonal shit. Construction,
agriculture. Whatever hires for short-
term and pays enough for me to go
on to the next place. I get restless.

And eventually the cops start to realize
there’s a serial killer in town. But that’s
totally unrelated.

❝What about you?



       she’s still trying to pin point what he is. she can feel demonic energy on him, but he was simply just a human as well. well, perhaps it wasn’t so simple. she’s over analyzing. what else is new?

        “oh, i understand.” she’ll play along for now. mainly because she’s curious how long he’ll keep up the facade. “where do you work? i’m trying to find a job,” that’s actually not a lie.

Nothing so simple. The human part of him
isn’t entirely human and the demonic part
isn’t totally demonic. They’ve melded enough
that it’s hard to tell where one starts and the
other ends.

The job part isn’t a facade, though. He really
does work. “I work construction, actually. Not
sure that would suit you.” Yes, he is that much
of a dick.



        Ow! Pain! He’s being stabbed!

     Nuh-uh. I’m not gonna 
        apologize to someone 
        who’s making me bleed 
        all over my favorite shirt.  ❜

"Then you’re going to do more than bleed on it."

It actually doesn’t take too much strength to
kill someone with a knife if you know what you’re
doing. He angles the blade so it passes between
the ribs, then slams his hand into the hilt. The
knife lodges in guy’s heart, and he yanks it out
and blood starts flowing freely. No coming back
from that—not for a human, anyway.


"What’s a gorgeous girl like you
doing in a place like this? And
how can I convince you to come
here more often?”


"Don’t flatter me," she was suppressing a smile despite herself. He hadn’t quite reigned a blush out of her but he had definitely earned a smile which was more than some people got. She hadn’t even graced him with a sarcastic comment.

"Anyway, follow me and I’ll lead you to it." she headed forward, her stride easy and her boots thudding on the sidewalk. "Tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from?"

"It’s not flattery if it’s true." He keeps up without trouble as she starts walking.

"Here and there. I was born in Rhode Island, but we moved a lot. My little sister was born in Oregon and turned one in Pennsylvania." Absolutely none of this is true, except for the part about having a little sister. But it’s a story he’s practiced. "My dad was in the military for the first ten years of my life or so. Navy."

Ask my character two personal questions. They will answer one.

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      Haven’t you heard? I’m in ‘rehab’.
         …So the answer is yes, you can
         buy me a drink.

"Rehab, think I’ve heard of that.
It’s that thing where they tell you
what to do and you pretend you
give a shit, right?” He laughs
and flags the bartender down.
"Whatever you got on tap for me
and,” he turns back to Madison,
“what would you like?”