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— You’re Kidding, right?
That sounded more like a
page from “dear dexter”
I mean… I loved the book
But i seriously think you’re kidding

❝Then it’s your job to investigate a
bullshit 911 call, isn’t it? But in the
meantime, why don’t you look up
Reginald Washington? Contractor
for Time Warner. His cell phone is
in one of those Dumpsters. The
one with the head. See you in a
few hours, one way or another.

He hung up.

((I’m bored come talk to me.))



What Happened?

❝Well, I stalked this guy, tied him up,
and made a lot of pretty cuts before
eventually slitting his throat. Then
dismembered him and threw him in
five different Dumpsters. And you’ve
got three hours before I do it again.
Sound like fun?


Don’t mind at all.”


He gave a polite smile, a curt nod, and vanished
back inside, not to return but a slight minute later with
a basic lighter in tote.

"Rough day?" 

He accepted the lighter with
a nod of thanks and lit up his
cigarette, inhaling and sighing
in relief.

"That obvious?" He gives a
crooked grin. “Shit day at
work, but what else is new?”

He’s sleeping. Wake
him at your own risk.



"Sorry, just needed to vent, y’know?"

"Hey, I get it. Some days no one
listens and you end up exploding.
Sounds like one of those days for
you, yeah?”


If looks could kill. 


Within the man’s hands is an artifact, gold, patina coating the shimmer, speaking volumes of its age in the moment it slips onto his index. With a practiced ease, he lifts that hand, displays the engraved hexagram, series of jewels seated in the band and glowing faintly. Cain, one so ancient, Lucifer’s first, powerful even without the mark, he wouldn’t dream of summoning him, but it tracks the bastard well enough. Jaw set, flexing with the containment of his anger, for this boy houses the monster who set his brother on his downward spiral. Knowing what would happen. This is Dean’s Ruby.

"I’m not here for you. I want Cain."

At the sight of the ring, they split, Jasper going one way and Cain another. Cain is wary, almost afraid; Jasper has no fear. Their body shudders when they exhale, and IT stirs in their heart.

Jasper takes a pack of cigarettes from their pocket, giving them time to become him again. He slides one out, tucks the rest of the pack in his pocket. Puts the cigarette to his lips and calls for Cain in his mind. And quietly, without warning, they slide back together.

“Couple mistakes,” Jace says. He flicks his thumb against his hand and a tiny flame springs up, which he uses to light his cigarette. He inhales, dragging the smoke down into his lungs. Much better.

"First off," he says as he exhale the smoke, "it’s not a one or the other deal. Your research was shoddy on that one. Second," his eyes glint and he smiles, "you’re going to need more than a piece of jewelry to control me."

He almost says us, but that would be a deadly mistake. Cain can resist the ring, but Jace can force it back. Which leads them to…

"Third, you split me down the middle and you won’t like what comes slipping through the cracks."